This is the moment a train ploughed into a bus at a level crossing in Mexico. According to a police investigation, CCTV shows bus driver Concepcion Beltran Palomares crossing the tracks moments after a smaller car had done the same. The 43-year-old bus driver had apparently believed it to be safe to proceed and drove onto the crossing, which had no safety gates. The bus was then hit by the train travelling at full speed, leaving 22 of the 26 people on board injured, some of them severely, and four dead. The video shows the train smashing into the side of the bus at full speed, crushing the front section and knocking the vehicle sideways. The driver's wife has since spoke out following the incident and stated that her husband was not to blame. She told local media that he had complained a number of times that the bus was old and did not have very good brakes, and it was not possible to stop easily. The driver was travelling from the city of Los Mochis in north-western Mexico's State of Sinaloa to the city of Guadalajara in Western Mexico's State of Jalisco. Those who died were named as the driver as well as Irma Isabel Villarreal Avila, Jose Nunez Aramburo and Porfirio Diaz Nunez.