Man steals from drunk guy then attempts to save his life. A thief who pickpocketed a drunk man later saved his victim's life after he stumbled in front of a train. The criminal was spotted brazenly approaching the man while he sat sleeping on a bench in a Paris Metro station. CCTV footage shows him carefully sitting next to the victim as he rifles through one of his pockets. After retrieving what appears to be a phone, the thief can be seen moving to the other side and taking out an object from his victim's other pocket. The clip, taken from cameras in the French station, shows the drunk man waking up after the incident. He can be seen stumbling along the platform before losing his footing and falling into track. Another bystander, who witnessed the dangerous fall, walks away as a train makes its way into platform. Amazingly, the thief then sprints along the platform in a desperate attempt to reach the man. The minute-and-a-half-long clip, which was being analysed by a senior police officer, ends as the drunken man is pulled from the tracks. It is not known if he sustained any injuries or if the thief was caught.