Start of a chain reaction wreck I-80, Elk Mountain, WY 4/24/16. First instinct was to get as far off the road as possible, second instinct was to exploit the on ramp by backing down it to get completely away from the incident. Watch what happens to the spot I had stopped in as two more trucks wreck into the parked trucks that stopped along side me. They were pushed into the space I had been occupying. Visibility was horrible. The trucks that did not stop in time either had no CB radio, or failed to have it on during poor visibility. I went to the rest area on the south side of the highway planning to spend the night while they cleaned up what had been reported as 16 trucks involved in the actual wreck. There were some cars involved also but I heard no reports how many. There was a report of a fatality. DOT shut the highway down from Laramie to Rawlins WY. Afterr 4 hours, Authorities routed the west bound traffic under the overpass into the east bound lanes. You can see what was left of the accident when I left the rest area and merged into the traffic. A mile down the highway we were routed back across median and proceeded in the west bound lanes. In 16 years of driving over 2.5 million miles, this was the closest I have come to a major accident. Chain Reaction Wreck

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